AJA Pharma

AJA Pharma Committed to Perfection

We are AJA Pharma. Our goal is to add a highest standard of affordable Pharmaceutical Products to the Regional Healthcare related business makers from Saudi Arabia, and to become the partner of choice to other well-known and scientifically based manufacturers, in order to ethically provide the best, we can not only for our customers, but also the best for society, for the industry and for the environment.

We aim in AJA Pharma to manufacture, market and co-develop carefully selected range of products as well as under license production projects with technology transfer

AJA Pharma’s plant is built to provide a wide range of pharmaceutical products according to the latest approved research and development results as provided through successful business models with our worldwide known partners.

AJA Pharma Industries Co. is a subsidiary of the long-known Saudi Chemical Company (SCC) which is a leading Joint stock company established in 1972.